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1 February 2018

Attacking advertising.

by Jason Stone

Volvo: “Things” - 2 mins 30s

It takes chutzpah to represent consumerism as a dystopian nightmare in a bloody television commercial of all things... but that's exactly what Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors have done in this intoxicating piece of work for Volvo.

The razor thin rationalisation for this notion comes from the proposition that we should 'subscribe' to our next car rather than buy it. Arguably, this is just a variation on the various leasing schemes which have become a pretty standard way for punters to get their mitts on a new car but presenting it in this fashion certainly makes it look pretty revolutionary.

But never mind all that, let's concentrate on the execution. Director Johnny Green throws a warehouse full of kitchen sinks at the project and delivers a statement of such beautiful grandiosity that you can't help but admire it. Yes, it's overly bellicose and a tad bombastic in places, and sure it's slightly less than the sum of its parts... but look at those parts! Green and his cinematographer Max Goldman have created some sensational images and they've been aided and abetted by some sublime production design from Jay Pooley.

Over the years, Volvo's advertising has had some real peaks and troughs and, when considering the former, industry veterans will doubtless recall some truly fine work from Tony Kaye. It's a considerable compliment to this film that it contains echoes of Kaye's masterful work, even if, holistically, it doesn't quite measure up.

Film Production: Anonymous Content Ⓦ
Director: Johnny Green Ⓦ
Producer: Aris McGarry
Cinematographer: Max Goldman
Production Designer: Jay Pooley
Sound Designer: Sam Ashwell Ⓦ @ 750MPH Ⓟ Ⓦ
Music: My Favourite Things - Jennie Abrahamson

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