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22 November 2021

I Bet You Think About Me

by Syd Briscoe

Taylor Swift: “I Bet You Think About Me” - 6 mins 15s

Taylor Swift shows up to crash an ex's wedding in this promo for her re-record of 'I Bet You Think About Me'. The singer's widely reported battle for control of her masters recordings has sparked conversations about artist's rights and intellectual property ownership, but that's all forgotten in this stylish visual outing.

The film marks actress and now filmmaker Blake Lively's directorial debut, and sees Swift stand out from the crowd bedecked in red while surrounded by white-clad wedding guests. Cake smashing and vengeful cavorting soon follow, climaxing with a first dance which takes an explosive turn. Say what you like about the singer's tendency to focus on past relationships... it's fun to watch the fireworks here.

Director: Blake Lively

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