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29 September 2016

Donald's a hit in Mexico.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “The Good Mother” - 5 mins 36s

This charming short film from director Sarah Clift should appeal to anyone who's fancied giving Donald Trump a thwack with a wooden stick during the US presidential election. That'll be a large audience, then.

Away from the television debates, all-holds-barred chat show appearances, and Twitter controversies is this tale of a mother and her son in Mexico.

Unsurprisingly, Trump's vision of a wall between Mexico and the United States hasn't gone down well. No wonder this lad fancies a Trump-shaped piñata for his birthday. His mother is torn between love and letting "El Diablo" into her home.

What follows is an odyssey via moped to find the fabled piñata. Once she reaches her goal, only a bizarre ritual can render the papier-mâché menace (complete with a South Park-inspired vocal impersonation) safe for the journey home.

As much a tribute to Mexico's family traditions and geography as a political statement, Clift's film - an incredibly impressive debut - earns its recent Kinsale Shark Awards acclaim with an evocative soundtrack, naturalistic performances, and satirical undertone.

Director: Sarah Clift
Executive Producer: Sarah Clift
Cinematographer: Matías Penachino
Production Designer: Pol Agusti
Wardrobe: Ana Presa
Make-Up: Diana Diaz
Editor: Tamara Levy
Colourist: Edwin Metternich Ⓦ (Glassworks Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Sound Designer: Declan Diacoco
Casting: Ursula Pruneda

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