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10 May 2017

Totalitarian exercise regime.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “Run Towards” - 5 mins 16s

If you ever wondered what a running app in George Orwell's ‘Nineteen Eight-Four' would sound like, this short from RSA's Gray Hughes offers a compelling approximation. A runner is propelled by the clinical voice of Towards. Forget couch to 5K - this training programme has a more sinister agenda.

The script - delivered with controlled wrath by Carolyn Backhouse - splices sports science with Newspeak. "Left foot before right foot" becomes an unsettling refrain, while Towards's concept of well-being is questionable, at best.

What follows is a battle of wills between the runner and her ‘coach'. When technology makes a quantum leap from Walkman to smartphone, however, we realise what fired the starting pistol on this distance run. Darkly enthralling.

Film Production: RSA Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Gray Hughes
Producer: Vanya Barwell
Cinematographer: Frank Madone
Editor: Catriona Richardson
Colourist: Sarina McCavana
Written By: Will Nicoll

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