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13 October 2020

Cover story.

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Put Some Clothes on Man Jesus Christ” - 70s

As cases skyrocket and government guidance on Covid-19 restrictions remains as muddy and meandering as ever, frustrated viewers will appreciate this spunky short film. Director Jim Owen's film satirises characters we've become all too familiar with of late - those wankers among us who waffle on about their 'civil liberties' to gloss over the fact they really don't care about other people's lives.

It's a lovely two-hander—an argument between a guy in a queue and the masked nudist behind him who doesn't see why it's anyone else's business if he covers his bits or not. Owen's canny script makes its intentions clear without being too on the nose, while a late gag about masking at least one body part hammers the film's point home nicely. Even if you show your prick, don't be one.

Director: Jim Owen Ⓦ (Fat Lemon Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Producer: Ben Gallop
Cinematographer: Pete Bateson
Camera Operator: Elliott Hawkes
Sound Recordist: Tom Anderson
Editor: Jim Owen
Colourist: Sam Evenden
Audio Mix: Sam Evenden
Written By: Jim Owen

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