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29 September 2021

Paris, Texas

by Syd Briscoe

Rosie Lowe: “Paris, Texas” - 3 mins 13s

Patient viewers will find themselves rewarded by this enthralling promo for Rosie Lowe's latest track 'Paris, Texas'. An ode to the eponymous Wim Wenders classic, the film examines the relationship one has with oneself through a series of delicately rendered scenes where Lowe is confronted with herself both inside and out.

Directing duo NoCowboys - aka Jody Elizabeth and Betty Cutting - allow things to unspool in unhurried fashion here, referencing Wenders's feature while bringing the visuals crisply up to date. Lowe's laid-back sound provides a fitting accompaniment, absorbing viewers as the hypnotic audio-visual combination unfolds.

Film Production: Dirty Films Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: NoCowboys
Producer: Brooke Lagana
Production Co-ord: Rochana Simon
Cinematographer: James Chegwyn
Editor: Jacob Hopewell
Colourist: Adam Clarke

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