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17 September 2020

Stop the Pandemic Challenge

by Syd Briscoe

New York State: “Paul Rudd: Certified Young Person” - 60s

Young people are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading Covid-19 - something we'd all prefer would stop as soon as possible. New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has decided that speaking to the yoof in their own language is the best way to get them to mask up, and has recruited a hip young influencer to really drive the point home. His spokesman of choice is actor Paul Rudd...aged 51.

This seemingly incongruous choice (although Rudd is, admittedly, one of those fortunate sods who don't seem to age) pays off in spades in this PSA, as Rudd informs his "doogs" and "homies" that masks are "totally beast" and should be included in their accessories at all times. It's a canny script, entertaining as it ties into meme culture without being condescending.

That being said, the part which will truly resonate with young viewers is when Rudd breaks character, exclaiming that he shouldn't have to make masks fun because they're supported by science. To a generation who have had to watch their elders destroy the planet, re-spread almost eradicated diseases, and elect fascist governments because they don't believe facts are real, the frustration will resonate all too deeply.

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