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4 May 2021

(Don't) Be Yourself

by Syd Briscoe

Lux: “Born This Way” - 2 mins 15s

Personal care brand Lux throw their weight behind unfairly-blacklisted athlete Caster Semenya with this animated outing. While controversy around transgender athletes is the latest straw man taking a beating from conservatives in the USA, Olympic gold-medalist Semenya is being banned from competition for her naturally high testosterone levels.

Angular animation from directors Le Cube lends sharpness to the brand's support, as the film neatly explains the situation and grabs audience attention with surreal imagery - lightning bolts, a syringe trailing through the air, darkness drowning the runner as she tries to escape.

The film also points to other famous athletes who are blessed with biological advantages—offering pointed commentary that the likes of Michael Phelps and his doubled-jointed kicks aren't penalised like Semenya is. Support from major institutions like Lux owners Unilever may yet draw attention to the injustice at work—for both Semenya and the intersex athletes of the future.

Animation Director: Federico Radero
Sound Designer: Rodrigo Deltoro / Niper Boaventura
Composer: Lucas Campello

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