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18 October 2019

On a roll.

by Andrew MacGregor

Iris Tyres: “No Matter The Distance” - 72s

Algeria is the real star of this sweeping commercial for tyre manufacturer Iris, which features a sentient tyre rolling its way across the North African country's varied terrain. Attractively shot by director and DP Theo Gottlieb, the ad sees the holey protagonist come full circle, so to speak, as it's drawn to a car factory many miles away.

Of course, this sector is no stranger to intrepid tyres (see Tyres on the Drive's 2016 odyssey). Yet it's a diverting way to draw attention to the advertised product's versatility, be it on sand, dirt, or tarmac. Futhermore, the tyre's interaction with each surface - all plumes of dust and slick rolls - provides extra visual texture to an already fetching piece of work.

Prod Company's Agent: Agent Elson Ⓟ Ⓦ
Cinematographer: Théo Gottlieb
Editor: Morgan Mirza
VFX: Nicolás Martínez
Location: Algeria

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