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17 May 2019

Ciranda (ft. Goes)

by Andrew MacGregor

Heavy Baile: “Ciranda (ft. Goes)” - 3 mins 30s

There's clocking off, and there's clocking off the Jonathan Neguebites way. Those unfamiliar with the passinho dancer are in for a treat thanks to this celebratory promo for Heavy Baile, an electronic music collective from Rio de Janeiro.

The city's back alleys and railway lines provide an engaging backdrop to Neguebites' joyful, infectious performance, as he completes his shift as a short-order cookáand hits the streets with a smile and two fleet feet.

If his shoeless exhibition somehow doesn't win you over, the track's upbeat loops and irreverent sound effects will. It's also worth sticking around for the droll conclusion, which playfully underlines the real-life consequences of going with flow.

Film Production: You Are Here Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Alex Tiernan Ⓟ Ⓦ
Producer: Marina Novello
Cinematographer: CauŃ Csik
Editor: Alex Tiernan
Colourist: Jax Harney ♀ @ Cheat Ⓟ Ⓦ
Performance: Jonathan Neguebites
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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