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21 June 2021

Masculine mash-up.

by Syd Briscoe

BBC Three: “Toxic Ting” - 4 mins 12s

Social media sensation Ehiz breaks down toxic masculinity in this entertaining film for BBC Three. Having built a following on various platforms (most notably yoof favourite TikTok), the comedian brings his distinctive sense of humour to a more polished production with 'Toxic Ting' - a grime track the likes of which the genre has never seen.

With well observed lyrics about masculine posturing and the changing face of what being a 'manly man' looks like, Ehiz demands both laughter and self-reflection from viewers. Directors Simon K Matthew and Amar Chadha-Patel ensure that the accompanying visuals are just as attention grabbing, with a balaclava-clad crew, bold fashion choices, and a powdered wig enhancing the timely message of embracing gender non-conformity.

Cinematographer: Matt Patrick

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