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1 October 2020

Hate to break it to you.

by Andrew MacGregor

Apple Watch: “It Already Does That” - 2 mins

Helena Bonham Carter delivers a memorable VO performance in this two-minute Apple Watch commercial, evoking Oscar Isaac’s Nike work from 2016. On paper, Bonham Carter has an easy job...if only the supporting cast would let her get on with it.

As The Crown star tries to weave a tale of wrist-based science fiction, she’s constantly thwarted by Apple devotees who reveal the watch "already does" electrocardiograms, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, etc. Cue some enjoyably petty, back-foot commentary from HBC.

The result is a worthy sequel to last year's 'Series Five' launch film, with a neat twist on the brand's know-it-all image. Whether the product itself is a medical wonder or a medical blunder remains uncertain, but we doubt Bonham Carter has the answer.

Voiceover: Helena Bonham Carter

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