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9 June 2021

A lot of ice to break

by Jason Stone

Anheuser-Busch: “Let's Grab a Beer, America” - 90s

Just yesterday we drew attention to the emerging theme of this summer's advertising communication namely, the trepidation of emerging from lockdown. And, having done so, we have now seen the form's apotheosis in this truly lovely commercial for Anheuser-Busch... the brewer that makes Budweiser and other beers in the United States.

Director Alex Prager has measured the competing demands of poignancy and comedy to create a film which perfectly encapsulates the mood as we ready ourselves for the social interactions which have been suspended for the past year-and-a-half. It neither tries to be too funny or too emotional, instead walking a tightrope between the two to create an extremely warm and relatable film.

It is more than the sum of its parts... each vignette is quite slight but they aggregate together to bring home a weighty message, and even if you are uninterested in bars and beer, this still resonates and will prompt a lot of knowing smiles.

Cinematographer: Matthew Libatique

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