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24 November 2021

Tattie time.

by Syd Briscoe

Albert Bartlett: “Amazing Hands” - 40s

Albert Bartlett's commitment to starchy excellence shines through this well-designed commercial. Staff members sail though the air in choreographed fashion as a fantastical production line takes place, with spuds treated to a full spa experience which includes a wash, blow dry, and trip on a model train for good measure.

It's an amusing but clever way to emphasise the brand's premium potato approach, with an operatic soundtrack only adding to the piece's self-consciously over-the-top feel. There's a way to do excess properly, and this brings viewers along for the ride.

Some judicious flashes of tasty food photography only add to the film's offer, ensuring that viewers remember the true potential of the humble tattie. As other brands in the sector launch into full Christmas mode, this is welcome breath of non-festive fresh air.

Cinematographer: Pasi Pauni
Editor: Olly Stothert @ Flock Edit Ⓟ Ⓦ

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