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Sarah Clift

Sarah Clift is a creative director-turned-filmmaker whose debut short film stars many viewers' dream party decoration: a Donald Trump piņata.

The well-travelled writer and director now has the chance to develop her filmmaking style even further, and it'll certaintly be interesting to see what happens next.

Short Films
"The Birth of Valerie Venus (Trailer)"
Director Sarah Clift's follow-up to 'La Madre Buena' (The Good Mother) stars Jane Guernier as Valerie, the put-upon wife of Paul Hunter's boorish vicar, Norman. As this off-kilter trailer shows, Valerie's had enough of her golf-obsessed husband's behaviour... and so has the unseen force that's seemingly possessed her hands.
Editor: John Mayes @ Marshall Street Editors Ⓟ Ⓦ
Written By: Sarah Clift ♀

Sarah Clift
Sarah Clift

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