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Amber Saunders

Amber Saunders originally considered a career as a footballer, focusing on sport before shifting gears due to her passion for film.

This background influences her love of cutting movement, and her snappy editing style and thoughtful approach demonstrate that she's very much still keeping her eye on the ball.

H & M
This French commercial for H&M presses the case for the Swedish clothing giant to be thought of as a sportswear brand. Vignettes of women participating in various sports occupies the first half of the ad, before it broadens its scope to include male athletes and dancers as well as a cameo from 85 year old American actress Jane Fonda... demonstrating a defiant suppleness which would be the envy of someone forty years younger.
Cinematographer: Mathieu Plainfossé
Production Designer: Lucie Beauvert
Choreography: Kevin Bago
Editor: Amber Saunders ♀ Ⓟ Ⓦ @ Cabin Edit Ⓦ

Cabin Edit


Amber Saunders
Amber Saunders

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