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3 May 2019

UNIT cross Oxford Street to open new studio.

by Jason Stone


Post production company UNIT have crossed Oxford Street to take possession of their fabulous new studio in Berners Mews. Leaving Soho after seven years in Great Marlborough Street will have been a wrench, but the beautifully-designed bespoke studio in Fitzrovia that's become their new home will provide an ample counterweight to any Sohomesickness!

The new five-floor facility - which took eighteen months to build - creates new opportunities for the company as they look to broaden their offer. According to MD Daniel Sapiano: "This is the metamorphosis of UNIT from a very good post production company to a new all-encompassing, high-end, next generation studio that can work as a creative partner to all our clients."

We want it to be a destination for our clients to spend time, work and relax in an appropriately designed space.

Daniel Sapiano   


Stressing the importance of designing a facility which is welcoming as well as professional, Sapiano adds: "We want it to be a destination for our clients to spend time, work and relax in an appropriately designed space."

Founder Adam Luckwell concurs: "The new space gives us maximum flexibility, which means collaboration on every project, regardless of its size or complexity becomes seamless. I feel we have struck a perfect balance - the building is full of state-of-the-art tech, whilst we've also created a comfortable, familiar and inspiring environment."

The move is one aspect of UNIT's broadened ambition... they have also made a number of key signings in recent months.

1. Pete Rypstra

Formerly at The Mill, Rypstra now runs UNIT's 2D department and recently worked on a commercial for Knorr which was highly dependent on some impressive VFX.

2. Milo Paterson

Like Pete Rypstra, VFX artist Milo Paterson used to work at The Mill and according to UNIT, his impact has been "instantly felt" at his new base.

3. Matt Lowery

Matt Lowery is an experienced VFX supervisor who moved to UNIT recently having worked at Glassworks for over seven years, as well as a number of other post houses. His Mastermind specialised subject is 'real' animals created in CG.

4. Tom Wansbrough-Jones

UNIT's Design Collctive was "creatively bolstered" by the arrival of Tom Wansbrough-Jones who has become the division's creative director, and has already worked on numerous projects both with advertising agencies and direct with clients.

5. Diogo Pinheiro

Diogo Pinheiro is a senior motion designer who has also worked in the audio-visual realm, and has a keen interest for "the unusual and the experimental".

6. Dan Pagan

Executive producer Dan Pagan has strengthened UNIT's long-form offering, as the company very sensible looks to extend its portfolio in this area. Previously at LipSync, he has considerable experience in the world of film and television.

7. Pamie Wikstrom

After all these fellas, we get to Pamie Wikstrom - arguably the strongest signing of all. As well-liked as she is well-connected, Wikstrom has made an "instant mark" at UNIT and they can be sure that she'll continue to do so.

To arrange a tour of the new facilities, contact Lucy Bunting on +44 20 3985 8600 or via email at lucy.bunting@unit.tv.

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