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10 June 2024

The Visionaries welcome Rémy Cayuela.

by Andrew MacGregor


Rémy Cayuela claims he talks to dogs. Not convinced? Then bring your dog to The Visionaries, where Cayuela is now on the books. Maybe he can figure out why it stares at you so much.

If not, amuse yourself with this Ouibus commercial instead. The French transport company compare the daftness of obscure laws around the world with travel laws in France: just as it is illegal to sneeze in public in North Carolina, it's illegal to go by bus from Lyon to Marseilles.

Until now, that is - because with Ouibus, you can travel anywhere in that country for just five euros. The ad plays fast and loose with conventional logic, but it's good fun and makes its point.

As well as his obvious knack for comedy, The Visionaries were drawn to Cayuela's "distinctive visual language and meticulous attention to detail". Both came in handy when he was asked to direct a McDonald's ad for the Middle East—a regional take on the popular 'Raise Your Arches' spot.

Such work leads The Visionaries to say: "We are beyond excited to welcome Rémy's vibrant and inventive approach to comedy and storytelling to the roster!" It's been a busy year for Cayuela already, and it promises to get even busier with help from Corin West and co.

Click here to see more of Rémy Cayuela's work. Next, drop The Visionaries a line via enquiries@thevisionaries.uk.

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