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10 June 2024

Straight 8 Shootout: Cannes 2024.

by Jason Stone


Picture the scene. You've been in Cannes for three days and you've nothing to show for it but sunburn on your coccyx, sand in your most delicate nooks and crannies, and a hangover that feels like your brain is being marinated in salted lemon juice. Your boss is emailing on an hourly basis to ask if you've managed to buttonhole Nils Leonard. You panic. How can you make your trip to the French riviera sufficiently worthwhile to justify returning next year? The answer is staring you in the face. Straight 8!

Yes! Straight 8! Ed Sayers's love song to creativity, issuing filmmakers every year with the same challenge and always getting entirely different outcomes (shows what Einstein knows... the twat!)

As always, an eclectic collection of intrepid creators have answered Ed's call and will be presenting their films, unseen by all including those who made them, at the Cinema Les Arcades on the Friday morning.

You can be there for just 20 a ticket (even less if you are a freelancer) by clicking this link and learning everything you need to know.

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