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15 March 2023

Toronto's Radioaktive material.

by Andrew MacGregor


Radioaktive's world tour continues as they open a new office in Toronto. After partnering with Twentyfour Seven in Vilnius, Lithuania, the company have enlisted support from Merchant, one of Canada's foremost production houses.

"Radioaktive is a world class company," says EP Ian Webb. "We are incredibly excited to work alongside them in Toronto and continue to prove that Canada is one of the best places in the world to shoot. We are happy to welcome them to Canada and believe that this alliance will open up new opportunities for us both."

Canada offers us a real opportunity to replicate a service that we are so proud of.

Darko Skulsky, Radioaktive founder.   


So what inspired the move to the Great White North? That's one for MD Sasha Bevka: "Unable to return to Kyiv for the moment, we've been considering how to protect our client relationships, and Canada offers us an ideal location to replicate the standard of service our clients have come to expect working with Radioaktive Film.

"Using the can-do attitude of our own EPSs, here in Toronto we now have access to the highest standards of local tech crews and equipment, allowing us to mirror our problem-solving production creativity. Our new base has the benefit of creating like-for-like locations and a diverse casting pool of English-speaking performers with acting and comedy backgrounds."

Radioaktive love a good tower.  

The last word goes to founder Darko Skulsky: "The support from our US colleagues during the last year of war has been incredible and we are excited to be able to find this way of bringing our production skillsets closer to home for our clients.

"Canada offers us a real opportunity to replicate a service that we are so proud of and we hope that we can engage with the commercials market and bring our production creativity to this new territory."

For more information about Radiokative's Canadian adventure, email Sasha Bevka (bevka@radioaktivefilm.com) or Darko Skulsky (darko@radioaktivefilm.com).

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