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1 November 2016

Prettybird swoops for Jodeb.

by Andrew MacGregor


Canadian promo director Jonathan Desbiens (aka Jodeb) has joined Prettybird's dynamic roster for global representation.

Born and raised in Shawinigan, Quebec, Jodeb caught the filmmaking bug at an early age. Having honed his technical and aesthetic prowess, Jodeb has become one of the most discerning and sought-after promo directors around.

Shawinigan's a new one to me. How did Jodeb get started out Quebec way? With a little help from his friends. He was already a bit of a VFX whizz aged twelve, so he was able to craft some nifty videos from his mates' skateboarding exploits. A career in filmmaking was the logical next step, though Jodeb decided to take a different route.

Rather than plunge straight into film school, he studied Fine Arts at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières - giving his modern skillset a classical flavour.

It sounds as though the music world's shown plenty of interest, as well. The likes of Swedish House Mafia, Cypress Hill, Deftones, A$AP Rocky, and Imagine Dragons have all benefited from Jodeb's ambitious approach. This promo for 'I Bet My Life' by Imagine Dragons combines family strife and cinematic visuals as actor Dane DeHaan takes to the water.

You can tell Jodeb is a storyteller at heart, eh? He feels the music video has plenty of untapped potential... not that he wants to get all weighty about it. Jodeb says: "All that matters to me is that my work isn't taken too seriously". Instead, he wants viewers to "enter a playful mental dance" and enjoy something a little different.

When Prettybird approached me with such enthusiasm, it was a pleasure to accept their offer.


Well, I have been itching to put my dancing shoes to good use. So Jodeb has big plans for promos? If his extended film for Wiwek and Skrillex's 'Still in the Cage' is anything to go by, then yes. Thailand's urban and rural locales play host to a three-act epic. While the ever-changing soundtrack provides a distinctive audio experience, Jodeb crafts a humid and vibrant 'escape' from the city. Be careful what you wish for...

Blimey, that's off the chain. What do you reckon Prettybird's new man has planned next? We'll just have to wait and see! Executive Producer Juliette Larthe thinks Mr Desbiens is only just getting started: "Jodeb's films are unconventional and brilliant; he has taken the promo and turned it into a new form of storytelling.

"We believe he has a great deal to offer the filmmaking community, and we are excited to introduce him to the advertising industry."

And what does Jodeb have to say about his new home? "When Prettybird approached me with such enthusiasm, it was a pleasure to accept their offer - not only because I respect them so highly as a production company, but because I genuinely connected with them as people.

"I very much appreciated how they were able to understand what I've been trying to achieve... and that they were genuinely interested in the motivations behind my filmmaking approach".

Sounds like an ideal union, wouldn't you say? You can enjoy more of Jodeb's work here, then give the good people at Prettybird a ring on 020 3468 9417.

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