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15 February 2018

Podcast - James Burns.

by Jason Stone


The paths taken by the fascinating array of people who work in the advertising business are many and varied. But few - if any - can hold a candle to the remarkable journey of director James Burns.

An incredibly difficult childhood saw him fall in with the wrong people and - while still a young teenager - he got caught up in America's vicious penal system.

In a very special podcast, James speaks about his early life, his time in prison and the people who helped him to turn his life around. It is a story unlike anything we've brought to you before and we recommend you set aside forty minutes to listen to it. It's also available at The David Reviews Podcasts on iTunes.

James's life story sounds like the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a Hollywood movie and - amazingly - you can do just that because the 2014 film Jamesy Boy was based on his teenage years.

Taking full responsibility for decisions he took in the most difficult of circumstances when he was only 14 years old, he is unflinchingly honest and this is reflected by his soul-searching and award-winning documentary work.

We are so grateful to James for sharing his story with us. He went through an experience which would undoubtedly challenge the most resolute of souls. It isn't easy for him to talk about what he's been through but he recognises the importance of doing so and - though he would probably deny it - he is an inspiring advocate for an improved approach to young offenders.

Although he talks with great articulacy, it's clear that his preferred mode of self-expression is film and we urge you to take a look at some examples of his work at the Archer's Mark website.

For more on James Burns, please contact Nicky Flemming at Archer's Mark on 020 7426 5160 or via email on nicky@archersmark.co.uk.

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