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21 June 2018

Podcast - Diane McArter.

by Jason Stone


This is the first in a short series of podcasts recorded in and around this year's Cannes Lions.

Diane McArter - Furlined founder and 2018's Film Craft jury president - gave up some of her valuable time to seat by the sea at The Location Guide's beach.

She talked about the way the changes at Cannes reflect the way the advertising industry has evolved; the continuing effort to improve diversity; the process of selecting the Lions winners; and her pride in this year's Grand Prix recipient.

At the time of the recording, Diane was not able to let us know that her jury had awarded the Film Craft Grand Prix to James Rouse' fantastic Red Cross film.

DAVID spoke to Rouse and cinematographer Alex Melman about this extraordinary project at May's CraftWorks and we could not be more pleased to see it honoured.

This is not an obvious choice for the Film Craft award which often goes to something slicker. But anyone who attended our event in May will be aware of the extraordinary level of technical improvisation required by Rouse and Melman to get this film made. And they pulled it off in a part of the world which is so volatile that they were having to work around extremely difficult security issues. It really was and is a colossal achievement.

It is a hugely important message and - as events in the US have just demonstrated - if we cannot act to protect the children of the world, then we really have to question what we've become. Let's hope the attention of this award helps to promulgate this idea far and wide.

A huge thanks to Diane for giving up her time after a very late night of deliberations, and congratulations to everyone who helped bring Red Cross to the screen.

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