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31 March 2021

Miranda Haymon is O Positive.

by Syd Briscoe


O Positive have signed award-winning theatre director Miranda Haymon to their roster for commercial representation.

Already a major name in the world of live performance, Haymon initially shadowed O Postive director/partner David Shane on shoots to get a feel for the change in format. It was an ideal match, as the pair bonded over a shared passion for performance and emotionally erudite storytelling.

The shift from stage to screen has certainly been a fascinating one for Haymon, whose innate understanding of performance is now informed by the possibility of an edit - very different to a one-and-done live environment.

"The best part about directing commercials is that every single attempt and try at a line or a joke is captured and you get to keep playing with it in post," Haymon says. "That's more difficult in theatre. When you’re working with an actor live on stage, they have one shot at a line every performance, so all those different choices we made in the rehearsal room morph into just one moment. Working with talent is my favourite part of being a director no matter what we are doing."

Miranda has an innate sense of story and an eye for the little moments of behaviour that make something so watchable.

David Shane, O Positive director/partner.   


David Shane has absolute faith in O Positive's new team member: "For someone who doesn’t have tons of experience directing for screen, Miranda brings so many skill sets to bear. They've obviously worked with a wide breadth of actors, they’ve worked with production designers in the design and building of sets, they know lighting and colour temperature. Miranda has an innate sense of story and an eye for the little moments of behaviour that make something so watchable."

For a closer look at Haymon's approach, check out her first commissioned piece for Gucci below - and keep an eye out for more compelling content to come.

To keep abreast of all things Miranda Haymon, check out their O Positive page and get in touch with Nell Jordan at nell@o-pos.com or on 07725 735 066.

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