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31 January 2023

'Mama' director Meena Ayittey joins KODE.

by Jason Stone


Director Meena Ayittey, who won widespread acclaim last year for her short film 'Mama', has joined KODE. Ayittey's work is consistently electrifying as she is never afraid to adopt the boldest possible approach when tackling the most relevant issues facing modern society. Her courage stands out in an industry that always leans towards performativeness rather than substance.

As America is currently revolving in a familiar cycle of hell following the murder of Tyre Nichols by the Memphis police, Meena Ayittey's film 'Mama' (below) which takes an unflinching look at the state-sanctioned violence directed towards African-Americans could scarcely be more relevant. It is a remarkable short film, drawing attention in particular to the despairing cries of George Floyd for his mother, as he lay dying beneath the knee of his murderer.

In her 2021 film 'All the Little Things' (below), Ayittey confronted a different form of racism with a searing depiction of micro-aggressions in the workplace. Set in an advertising agency, it explores the ways in which a young Black man is scarred by the experience of being continuously spurned, mistaken for someone else, and having his insight on his own culture belittled.

Meena Ayittey showed off her documentarian skills in an exploration of the experience of the 'Black Creative' in an hour-long film in 2020 - you can watch a trail for it below. It encompasses a range of voices to build a picture of hopefulness as well as providing an indictment of the prejudice which relentlessly pursues Black people in the creative industries.

Each of these clips are viscenral evidence of Meena Ayittey's stated ambition "to make films that reach into your heart and pull you in closer than you thought was possible."

She explains further "that nothing beats the moment when someone watches something you've made and has an emotional reaction that you can feel."

Alex Harman of Kode is effusive in his praise of his latest signing: "Iíve known Meena and her work for some time so when the opportunity arose to have a discussion about working together, I was hugely excited. All of Meenaís work means something when you watch it and I'm excited to see what we do together at Kode."

To see more of Meena Ayittey's work, visit Kode's website and then contact them on 020 8133 5633 or email alex@kodemedia.com.

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