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30 July 2020

Jim Hosking arrives at The Sweetshop.

by Andrew MacGregor


Jim Hosking, the man behind such oddities as ‘The Greasy Strangler’ and Adult Swim’s 'Tropical Cop Tales', has joined The Sweetshop for global representation.

Anyone who uses the term ‘bullshit artist’ on a daily basis may be familiar with Hosking’s work. It features regularly throughout 2016 cult gem ‘The Greasy Strangler’, alongside a host of singularly strange but endearing characters, plot threads, and musical numbers.

Hosking explains: “I love to make distinctive, memorable work with striking characters and unexpected humanity with some nuanced, finely calibrated, top secret nonsense. Luckily, that’s exactly what Sweetshop want me to do, so hurrah for that.”

We cannot wait to step into Jim’s unique and crazy world and create some brilliant ads together.

Morgan Whitlock, executive producer at The Sweetshop.   


Backing Hosking’s surreal exploits is Sweetshop’s executive producer, Morgan Whitlock, who says: “Jim’s work is like no-one else’s. He creates characters and worlds that are eccentric, strange, tragic, and hilarious at the same time.”

“We all aim to create work that cuts through and helps the brands we’re working for stand out,” adds Whitlock. “So we cannot wait to step into Jim’s unique and crazy world and create some brilliant ads together.”

More of Jim Hosking's film and TVC work can be found here. Next, speak with The Sweetshop's Morgan Whitlock via morgan@thesweetshop.tv or ring 020 7636 1449.

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