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16 March 2017

Tim & Joe go nationwide for Expedia & Visit Britain.

by Andrew MacGregor


Expedia invite tourists and wanderlusters on a nationwide stroll thanks to this interactive addition to Visit Britain's #OMGB campaign.

By visiting the travel company's website, curious travellers can enjoy a whistlestop tour of Great Britain. There's no need to pack a suitcase - all that's required is a keyboard or smartphone screen.

Users can then switch between London, Manchester, Wales, Cornwall, and the Scottish Highlands whenever they wish. Had your fill of the city? Enjoy a field packed with Highland cows instead.

Friend London's Tim & Joe ensure each location draws you in with lively staging and background details. Sound casting ensures an enthusiastic welcoming committee awaits each click or swipe.

Meanwhile, 180LA's clever script adapts to each destination. Even those with twitchy fingers will be impressed by the film's cohesive editing, courtesy of Cut+Run's Sam Jones and Steve Gandolfi.

Multiple choice.  

Expedia has another trick up its sleeve. The site keeps an eye on which location users have spent the most time in and creates an instant itinerary. Museums, historical sites, gigs, restaurants, sports…. well, you need something to do once you arrive.

With the paper holiday brochure facing an uncertain future, interactive ventures such as this could be the way forward… or whichever direction you wish to go. It's also a neat alternative to flicking through countless browser tabs for your ideal holiday.

As for Visit Britain, they'll be hoping to build on the success of last year's spirited tourism film. This collaboration with Expedia aims to show tourists wherever they decide to visit in 2017, they won't be missing out.

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