DAVID reviews

22 September 2017

A positive difference.

by Jason Stone

eBay: “Kitchen Timer” - 30s

There's so much to admire in this commercial for eBay that you can almost forgive the dreadful music... almost. In it, a paralympian uses a timer to both measure her training effort and ensure the bread in her oven emerges perfectly risen.

Choosing when and how to represent disability is incredibly difficult, but this kind of depiction - casual yet positive - illustrates a really excellent approach.

The incidentalness is so impressive that DAVID almost feels as though we're betraying its intent by drawing attention to it. Inclusiveness in advertising is always a self-conscious decision which probably makes those who take the trouble to reflect our nation's diversity worry that they're being tokenistic or that they're shoving a progressive agenda down the audience's throat. But - in reality - it's precisely this ubiquitousness which will ensure society's attitudes continue to improve. Keep at it.

Cinematography: Richard Bell
Post Production: Envy Advertising Ⓦ
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