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4 April 2017

Znany Lekarz: A stern warning.

by Jason Stone

Znany Lekarz: “Mother” - 3 mins 56s

This Polish film reminding women about the importance of regular mammograms to safeguard themselves against breast cancer uses a remarkable POV device to make its point.

Although some may feel that - at four minutes - it rather labours its message, it ends on such a poignant note that you can forgive it this excess.

What is slighter harder to look past is the subliminal suggestion that those who contract breast cancer have been insufficiently diligent.

While it's obviously worthwhile to cajole women towards these kinds of check-ups, we should always be mindful of those who have had to confront the disease. For them, this approach may be a tad insensitive... but its heart is in the right place and many young mums watching will probably be inclined to make sure there's an appointment on the horizon.

Film Production: Papaya
Director: Antoni Nykowski
Producer: Sebastian Jurczek
Executive Producer: Kacper Sawicki / Pawel Bondarowicz
Cinematography: Michal Dabal
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