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27 May 2015

Man's new best friend

by Andrew MacGregor

Vodafone: “Piggy Sue” - 90s

This sweet ad for Vodafone New Zealand tells the simple tale of a man and his pig. After chancing upon a lost swine on his travels, the kind-hearted protagonist tries every means of reuniting "Sue" with her owner. Once he finds out where she came from, though, he can't bear to part with her.

It's a charming depiction of a genuine bond developing between the two and all in the space of just ninety seconds. Curmudgeonly frustration at being unable to shift his unexpected passenger soon gives way to him offering it a place in his home. Before long, he's sharing his lunch with his new friend.

Without tugging too hard on the heartstrings, we easily warm to the two main performances. Keith comes across as the kind of bloke you can always rely on, while the adorable piglet gives the best on-screen performance since Babe.

Furthermore, the film nicely conveys the means we have at our disposal nowadays to get our message across. When phone calls and text messages fail to solve the mystery, he goes online to widen the search. When people like Keith want to perform a good deed, Vodafone are the provider to help.

Cinematographer: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Sound Recordist: Hammond Peak
Production Designer: Margot Wilson
Sound Designer: Pen Cooper

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