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14 December 2017

Jacob yaks away.

by Andrew MacGregor

Virgin Atlantic: “The Prodigal Brother” - 3 mins 28s

Sibling love has been a recurring theme during this Christmas ad season. Now Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines promote their transatlantic routes with a brotherly visit. Happy families? Not quite.

Jacob initially enjoys a frosty reception - after all, calling a scarf "the greatest gift in the entire world" is flagrant false advertising. Fortunately, Uncle Jacob summons his inner raconteur.

Blending karate, Greek philosophy, and, er, yak-icide, the man weaves an entertaining origin tale. Of course, like every good story, there's a lesson nestled within.

The script avoids festive slush enough to keep Scrooges onside. Despite the on-the-nose final line, it's a likeable family reunion. Those giving scarves this year best practise their epic backstories.

Film Production: Anonymous Content
Director: Tim Godsall
Producer: Merrie Wasson
Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
Production M'ger: Scott Rudderham
Executive Producer: Eric Stern / Harland Weiss / Donovan Boden / Isil Gilderdale
Cinematograper: André Pienaar
Production Designer: Jay Pooley
Editor: Patrick Colman @ Final Cut (New York)
VFX: Dirk Greene
Audio Mix: T Terressa Tate @ Final Cut (New York)

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