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6 April 2017

Urbanears: Box clever.

by Andrew MacGregor

Urbanears: “Rooms” - 1 min 40s

This stylish ad for Urbanears boasts strong production design and an infectious beat. To showcase the brand's range of wireless speakers, BRF's Magnus Härdner crafts a multi-storey shindig.

Once the beat kicks in, we're treated to some especially precise gyrating from the colourful cast. Alas, a loose cable threatens to kill the mood - so it's a good thing the control room's green guru is on the ball.

The choreography is lovely. Hips sway and legs twitch in controlled bursts as the earworm tune digs ever deeper. Härdner ensures each room has its own vibe, which ensures each cut delivers something different.

Chic yet playful, the ad conveys the brand's meticulous approach to home audio. Whether you're brushing your teeth or practising your putting, the advertised speakers have the soundtrack covered. So, erm, get a room!

Cinematography: Simon Rudholm
Art Department: Lotta Agaton
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