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10 January 2018

A tale as old as time.

by Syd Briscoe

Tinder: “Invention of Together” - 75s

This fun online ad for Tinder shows the ways relationships have evolved across the centuries... and the ways they haven't. Production shop Buck created the narrative's whimsical setting, using a combination of physical sets and CGI characters to bring romance alive through the years.

The voiceover has a reassuringly documentary feel, as it narrates the age-old process of being lonely, meeting someone, and becoming less lonely. The design is charming, and appropriately eye-catching for that late-night scroll through the Facebook feed.

It's a bold move for a dating app to address the darker side of forbidden romance - racism, homophobia, xenophobia - but this ad pulls it off. Framing the ability to swipe right on a potential date as a symbol of liberation really works here, re-contextualising a notoriously shallow app as something more than skin deep.

Cinematography: Tripp Watt / Jonpaul Douglass
Character Design: Tony Legato / Jerry Suh
Animation Director: Alex Ceglia

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