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22 February 2019

The Middle Parts

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Toast 2: After the Burn” - 8 mins 31s

Following up 2015's spot-on spoof 'The Maker', this entertaining film lampoons the current cultural obsession with artisanal products and their oh-so-special backstories... via the medium of toast.

While the last instalment had him establishing his breakfast empire, 2019 finds Andy 'The Toastmaker' in a very different place. Having sunk all his money into pre-toasted loaves and been declared a poser by the toast community after his claims of childhood angst were exposed as fraudulent, he struggles to re-discover his love of twice-cooked bread.

The tone of the film is pitch perfect, as director Matt Sklar has his main character rattle off stock phrases about being 'genuine' and 'authentic', while expertly-styled hipsters turn on him... as hipsters are wont to do. Extra kudos for the guy on a skateboard who declares "Fuck toast" with iron-clad conviction.

Director: Matt Sklar
Cinematographer: Eric Bader
Editor: Eric Bader
Colourist: Ryland Jones
Sound Designer: John Buroker
Written By: Andy Corbett
Music: Charles Ingram - The Middle Parts

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