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4 August 2016

House of the rising teardrop.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “The Hope You Promised Love” - 4 mins 20s

Director Jack Weatherley's beguiling short film uses a blend of technical wizardry and intimate cinematography to convey a tragedy which unfolds in reverse over three floors. Our guide? A droplet of water.

The liquid orb is brilliantly realised as it begins its gravity-defying ascent back to its source, rendering each room as an opaque vision on the way. The bead is revealed to be a tear, and we find suddenly ourselves party to a bittersweet embrace with a shocking twist. We're left none the wiser as to the events that preceded or will follow, but - like a water drop - this is a glimpse of something far bigger.

Haunting and immersive, Weatherley ensures the human elements blend seamlessly with the impressive CG craft on show. Silent performances from Stacy Martin and Jim Sturgess provide the emotional charge, while the late Gavin Clark (to whom the film is dedicated) and his yearning vocals give the piece its musical backbone.

Director: Neon (OB Management Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematographer: Paul O'Callaghan
Gaffer: Dave Hutton
Spark: Simon Hutton
Art Department: Carolyn Wilson
Wardrobe: Sophie O'Neil
Hair Design: Robb Crafer
Casting: Jina Jay
Actor: Jim Sturgess / Stacy Martin
Vocals / Music: Toydrum

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