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2 June 2020

The wonder years.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “My Time” - 5 mins 48s

They say you never forget your first, be it a kiss, car, or global pandemic. Giulia Gandini’s captivating short film depicts another, deeply personal first: a schoolgirl’s first period. As if an impending class presentation wasn’t stressful enough.

Ava’s plight is brilliantly conveyed by former ‘Matilda’ star Clara Read, who squirms in her chair and tries in vain to alert her best friend, Emma. Many viewers will doubtless want to shout “Answer your phone!” at the screen.

Director Gandini’s light touch, meanwhile, keeps things pacy and engaging, and makes the eventual outcome all the more powerful. There is mockery, contrition, and support in this exemplary piece of work, but also - and most crucially - heroism.

Director: Giulia Gandini Ⓦ (Snapper Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Producer: Abby Mizon
Cinematographer: Gabi Norland
Editor: Ben Mills
Music Supervisor: Stefano Fasce
Actor: Clara Read

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