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18 December 2017

A time to reflect.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “Born in a Void” - 7 mins 14s

This entrancing animation from Blinkink's Alex Grigg is a colourful yet melancholy trip. As our world becomes ever more connected, Grigg explores isolation on a cosmic level.

For this newborn entity, solitude is bliss. Starting from a first-person perspective, things change when the protagonist catches its own reflection. Like a baby seeing itself for the first time, it's a defining moment.

The introduction of a red companion brings palpable tension. Desperate for connection, it struggles to break the reflection's hold before it's too late.

Grigg's amorphous style keeps viewers on their toes. Solid objects disintegrate while others assume new and unexpected forms. Sparse drum beats and alien warbles provide sonic texture.

Each element combines to absorbing effect. Whether you crave company or solitude this Christmas, this film is worth spending time with.

Director: Alex Grigg Ⓟ Ⓦ (Blinkink Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Animation: Alex Grigg / Richard Chhoa / Bryce Pemberton / Jeremy Carlen / Robertino Zambrano
Written By: Alex Grigg

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