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11 April 2017

Sheraton: Go Beyond

by Syd Briscoe

Sheraton: “Dive” - 60s

Sheraton hotels want to let us know that their employees go the extra mile to ensure guests have the best possible experience under their care. Director Mark Molloy has created a tongue-in-cheek film which is, by turns, dramatic and humorous, featuring some striking underwater work and astute comic timing.

The ad opens on a man diving fully-clothed into a body of water. We watch him struggle to swim as he loses various items of clothing and a voiceover informs us that he's nothing special, really - just a man with the will to go above and beyond for his job.

The reveal as to why he's in the water - and the event which threatens to send him straight back in - provoke a wry smile. This is assured work from Molloy and Venables Bell & Partners, with excellent production values ensuring a slick finish. Entertaining stuff.

Film Production: Smuggler
Director: Mark Molloy
Producer: Donald Taylor
Executive Producer: Shannon Jones
Cinematography: Hoyte van Hoytema
Editor: Rick Russell @ Final Cut
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