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13 January 2018

A Case of The Mondays

by Syd Briscoe

Reed: “Windy City” - 30s

Reed have retired James Reed as their knight in shining armour, and taken a fresh approach with their latest campaign. It's an intriguing piece of work which makes the most of wind machines - creating a surreal commute to great effect.

A woman battles her way down the street, fighting the gale blowing directly into her face. The concept is effectively simple, executed with some lovely comedy moments including a jogger failing to stay hydrated and a face-flapping greeting which gets a laugh for its sheer absurdity.

Reed's role is left ambiguous, but for the reveal that the uphill battle to work on a Monday is worthwhile because this woman loves her job.

It's an attention-grabbing piece with a neat gag at the end and feels sure to spark interest in a recruitment company which continues to promise it can find us our dream job.

Post Production: Coffee & TV
Music Supervision: Native Ⓦ
Vocals / Music: Joy Crookes
Music: It Must Be Love

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