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11 December 2018

My own worst enemy.

by Andrew MacGregor

Red Nose Day: “Double” - 80s

This 80" piece for Belgium's Red Nose Day charity drive sees a teenage girl haunted by her fiercest critic: herself. Whether it's on the bus, at school, or hanging out with friends, her wraith-like doppelgänger pours invective into her ear, culminating in a disturbing ‘coaching session' involving a mirror and a sharp blade.

Thanks to a terse script and an effective dual lead performance, this film underlines the inner turmoil that can ultimately manifest on the surface. As the charity aim to drown out such harmful commentary in the minds of Belgian youth, it's a worthy reminder of how much those with mental health issues need a positive voice.

Director: Guy Goossens Ⓦ (El Colony Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematographer: Piet Deyaert

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