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17 September 2017


by Alice May

Radiohead: “Lift” - 4 mins 07s

For fans of early Radiohead the release of 'Lift' brings their mid-90s sound into the here and now, as fresh and powerful as ever. It's been bumping around in their live performances for years without ever finding a home on a studio album - but finally, it's enjoying a deserved moment in the sun and Oscar Hudson has made a stunning video to go with it.

That the lift in question is metaphorical meant Hudson could play around with the scenarios the doors opened onto. So as a weary-looking Thom Yorke waits patiently to reach his floor, a host of people briefly join him on his journey before stepping out into nightclubs, domestic interiors, urinals and other unexpected settings.

There are all manner of easter eggs embedded in the film. Characters from other Radiohead videos (Karma Police, Paranoid Android) show up; at the beginning, Yorke's wife and daughter get into the lift.

While you could imagine this would be a very static piece of work, Hudson's skill ensures it's anything but. Periodically the camera cuts to overhead shots, which shifts the sense of intimacy as well as the visual perspective. It's touching and strangely sad; capturing the absurdity of the human condition without making it particularly lighthearted... even if Yorke's lyrics do end with an admonishment to himself to: "...lighten up, squirt".

Commissioner: Phil Lee
Film Production: Pulse Films Ⓦ
Director: Oscar Hudson
Producer: Matt Posner
Production M'ger: Heba Elgamal
Production Ass'nt: Rebecca Green
1st AD: Ty Hack
2nd AD: Maddy Wilson
Executive Producer: Rik Green
Cinematography: Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
1st AC / Focus Puller: Spike Morris
DIT: Ewan Macfarlan
Gaffer: Seth Crosby
Grip: Ben Freeman
Production Design: Luke Moran-Morris
Wardrobe: Celestine Healy
Hair Design: Josh Goodwin
Make-Up: Oli Flowers
Editor: Oscar Hudson
Post Production: Sophie Hogg @ MPC Ⓦ
Colourist: Kai van Beers @ MPC Ⓦ
Flame: Jonathan Box
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