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5 April 2017

Pepsi: #FizzyDrinksMatter

by Jason Stone

Pepsi: “Live For Now” - 2 mins 40s

It's been a while since a brand misjudged the mood as badly as Pepsi has with this atrocity. While there are those who consider the current crisis of democracy to be a passing phase, there are many who judge us to be at a unique crossroads in human history. And - according to the latter - if we take the wrong steps now, we could find ourselves on the path to apocalypse.

The self-styled resistance movement encourages ongoing protest to signal to the US's proto-fascist leader that he doesn't act on behalf of the majority of Americans. Theirs is an undertaking of deadly seriousness and deadly earnestness... so they are none too happy to see their movement being slyly subverted in the name of Pepsi Cola.

Social media has exploded with indignation at the sight of this white label protest with a vacuous reality star - Kendall jenner - feigning her way through moments of self-discovery.

The blame - as is often the way when a mistake of this magnitude takes place - doesn't lie with the writers or the director. It lies with the seventeen layers of approval required to get this on to television. Where the hell was the interference these people provide when it was actually needed?

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