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21 November 2018

A thief's end.

by Andrew MacGregor

Payday 2: “The Funeral” - 2 mins 09s

Overkill Software's ‘Payday' franchise allows trigger-happy gamers to plan and execute the perfect heist, with a heavy emphasis on execute. This absorbing live-action cutscene from ‘Payday 2' sees the game's masked felons gather to bury one of their own.

The game's sombre coda is well handled by director Jonathan Herman, as rain falls on an assortment of clowns, ghouls, and skulls in black suits. As each criminal sheds their disguise, the droning soundtrack threatens to boil over until just one mourner remains.

Those familiar with the exploits of Dallas, Bain, and Wolf et al. will appreciate the craft and cinematic polish afforded to this endgame vignette. For others, however, it may simply resemble a group of adult trick-or-treaters who should know better.

Film Production: The Corner Shop Ⓟ
Director: Jonathan Herman Ⓟ Ⓦ (dir.)
Producer: Joop Haesen
Executive Producer: Tobias Remmers (Starbreeze Studios)
Cinematographer: Menno Mans

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