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10 January 2018

Polite society.

by Jason Stone

Nike: “Play Less Nice” - 90s

Nike in Canada are trying to encourage the famously polite inhabitants of the North American country to become a little more competitive by compromising on their niceness. As a young man who projects an aura of pleasantness sets off for his morning run, he's thanked by an elderly neighbour for putting out her bins. But once he's started his stopwatch, it's another story and he ruthlessly knocks over a pair of the rubbish receptacles which are in his path.

This is in fact one of nine films which detail a steady progression into rudeness (without ever quite reaching Trumpian levels of outrage). This measured descent is a really clever idea but it's hard to picture the platform upon which it will unfold. Is it realistic to hope that an online audience will patiently watch each film in a bid to spot the difference? Having said that, we genuinely hope there's a way of driving people towards this series as it's a super conceit which deserves to be seen.

Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Ⓦ
Film Production: Stink Ⓦ
Director: Keith McCarthy

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