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10 April 2019

Park de triomphe.

by Andrew MacGregor

National Park Foundation: “Us v Every Day” - 1 min 33s

This well-observed ad for America's National Parks Foundation reminds viewers that respite from the drudgery of modern living can be found in any one of the country's natural reserves. However, keeping one's cool until then is another matter entirely.

From nebulous parking regulations to diabolical self-checkout machines, all manner of foibles threaten to tip the cast over the edge. As they each yearn for a simpler time, the ad dutifully takes a walk on the wild side.

The subsequent burst of forests, country trails, and mountain ranges breaks the ad from its comically realised stupor, and underlines the jolt to the senses one can experience thanks to the great outdoors.

Film Production: The Directors Bureau Ⓦ
Director: Sam Holst
Producer: Jona Ward
Head of Production: Elizabeth Minzes
Managing Director: Lisa Margulis
Cinematographer: Kenji Katori
Production Designer: Almitra Corey
Editor: Brian Sanford

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