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9 January 2018

Moment of Impact

by Syd Briscoe

NHTSA: “No Big Deal” - 60s

This dramatic ad from the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration draws attention to the potentially devastating consequences of drunk driving. By forcing the viewer to absorb a single accident in forensic detail, the impact on multiple lives becomes frighteningly clear.

This film elevates the seemingly small, spur of the moment decision to get behind the wheel after drinking to something almost operatic. We see the horrified faces of onlookers, the grim determination of firefighters and paramedics, and the disbelieving fear of the driver responsible for the crash in a raw outpouring of emotion.

The production design is excellent, as the camera winds its way though the frozen figures dealing with the aftermath of the accident. The lighting and fog give things an unnervingly surreal feel, as the discordant soundtrack heightens our discomfort. Extremely compelling work from director Wilfrid Brimo, giving an extremely serious message the emotional weight it needs.

Film Production: The Corner Shop
Director: Wilfrid Brimo
Producer: Michaela Johnson
Executive Producer: Anna Hashmi
Cinematograper: Masanobu Takayanagi
Production Designer: Robb Buono

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