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14 November 2018

Not a cut and dried argument

by Alice May

Lotto: “Haircuts4Homeless” - 60s

We're given a specific reason to feel good about playing the lottery in this low-key spot.

Haircuts 4 Homeless was started by hairdresser Stewart Roberts who wanted to put something back into his community, and hit on the idea of offering free haircuts to people living on the streets to give them a sense of self-worth, however small.

The cost of this, and of rolling it out to enable other hairdressers to take part, has been in part funded by the National Lottery via The People's Projects. These are causes established by volunteers which the public then choose to receive funding - up to as much as 50,000 in some cases.

This particular cause was obviously set up with the very best of intentions, but we can't help but feel vaguely uncomfortable about these poor people having their hair done.

Somehow the scenario evokes alms-giving Victorian ladies going about their charitable work; popping in to the squalid hovels of starving families with a basket of petit fours and smiling kindly at an urchin on the way out. It feels cruel to give someone who is desperately deprived a brief taste of what they're missing and then whisk it away again.

And let's not forget the pragmatic considerations of a fresh hairdo on the head of someone begging on the pavement: isn't there a danger that passers-by will assume they have cash to spare?

We could be wrong. An hour or two in the warmth of a salon and the subsequent transformation may in fact work wonders for morale. But whose morale are we talking about? Theirs, or their hairdresser's?

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