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3 April 2017

Lotto: Love, Sport

by Syd Briscoe

Lotto: “Dylan” - 60s

Dylan - a keen yet timid young football player - sees his thus-far pedestrian career in amateur kickabouts take a dramatic turn for the better in this excellent ad for Lotto New Zealand. One trepidatious tap to the ball creates a tectonic shift in the kid's fortunes... despite his right leg's best efforts to sabotage his every move.

Director Mark Albiston demonstrates an astute sense of humour here, with a passionate voiceover whose enthusiasm for Dylan's goal-assist is only matched by the kid's dad. The game quickly passes into family legend, much to Dylan's delight and the rest of the family's boredom.

The ending is satisfying and well-handled: Dylan doesn't get a trophy and may never be Pele, but he got active and made new friends in the process. All funded by money generated by Lotto NZ, which should inspire sport-lovers to grab a ticket or two. Inspired work from DDB New Zealand and The Sweetshop.

Film Production: The Sweetshop Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Mark Albiston Ⓦ
Producer: Andy Mauger
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson / Fiona King
Cinematography: Marty Williams
Editor: Luke Haigh
Composer: Cam Ballantyne
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