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20 April 2017

Los Angeles: Everyone is Welcome

by Syd Briscoe

Los Angeles: “Paper Plane” - 1 min 33s

The devil makes work for idle tiny hands - as more completely rational travel bans loom on the horizon, the city of Los Angeles has launched a tourism campaign with a clear message in response: everyone is welcome.

'Real Love Baby' by Father John Misty plays as a diverse cast of characters hug, dance, and generally live their lives - without stealing jobs or threatening the sanctity of marriage, if you can believe it - near iconic landmarks across the city. All as a flock of brightly-coloured paper planes soar overhead, representing both the freedom of travel and diversity on the ground below.

Not many cities have a population as diverse as L.A., which adds sincerity to a plea for inclusivity which could feel cynical if not supported in the real world. This film might present a hopeful version of things which feels a little like rose tinted glasses, but one thing's for certain - it's a damn sight better than Pepsi.

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