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10 October 2017

Streets Been Talkin'

by Andrew MacGregor

Kele Okereke: “Streets Been Talkin'” - 4 mins 18s

Bulldogs are, well, top dog at the moment. Following Bulldog Skincare's psychic mutt, this Kele Okereke promo stars another lovable hound. After a brief stint in the doghouse, Buddy enjoys life on the outside with his owner. Alas, trouble follows this pooch like a bad smell.

There's a lovely rapport between man and dog. Monochrome photography and humdrum locations are offset by some surreal flourishes - not least Buddy's flight into fantasy. Talk about off the leash.

Equally trippy is Okereke's shift into folk music. Urgent electronica makes way for acoustic guitars and halcyon vibes. As far removed from the Bloc Party frontman's roots as you can get.

Commissioner: Andrew Law
Film Production: Agile Films Ⓦ
Director: Eoin Glaister
Director's Agent: OB Management Ⓦ
Producer: Emma Wellbelove
Production M'ger: Isabelle Walton
Executive Producer: Katie Lambert
Cinematography: Charlie Goodger
Art Department: Alicia Howitt
Stylist: Lucy Upton-Prowse
Hair Design: Anna Inglis-Hall
Make-Up: Anna Inglis-Hall
Editor: Jamie O'Donnell @ Cut+Run Ⓦ
VFX: Jae Ho Hwang
Sound Designer: Aaron Taffel @ Grand Central
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